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17.05.2014 (sobota)
godz. 11:00-15:00
udział w warsztatach bezpłatny
ilość miejsc ograniczona - obowiązuje wcześniejsza rejestracja (decyduje kolejność zgłoszeń)

UWAGA: warsztat prowadzony w języku angielskim - organizator nie zapewnia tłumaczenia


From the emergency of movements of interconnected civil society, people from around the world used the Internet not only to learn, create knowledge and share culture, but also to organise politically without intermediaries. At the same time, big lobbies from cultural industries, media holdings and governments have clearly seen that controlling the Internet is a key to try to block ongoing social struggles and thus keep their monopolies.

słowa kluczowe/keywords: communication strategy, tools for collaborative work, social networks
Nowe umiejętności/benefits:
Participants will get an idea on how to use the Net to organice and strengthen social movements. This use of some commercial and non-commercial social networks, together with some free software tools for group work will be also introduced.


University researcher and activist, inwit participates in the communication team at the camps of Puerta del Sol in Madrid 2011, and is involved in several projects involving social change, free culture (free not as in 'free beer' but as in 'freedom') and Internet. He also participated in La Tabacalera, a social center belonging to the Arts Secretary of the Spanish Culture Ministry which was handed over to neighbours and which became an important grass-roots cultural center in Madrid. Together with other 5 collegues he owns a bookstore in Madrid.

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